Quick payment


Product information

Express Payment: It means that users do not need to open internet banking, but only need to provide information such as bank card No., account name and Tel No. and verify the correctness of Tel No. to complete the payment. If the user chooses to save the card information, the user only needs to enter the third-party account password or payment password and dynamic password of Tel No. to complete the payment when making the next payment.

Main Functions

Trade Order Management

Account Flow Inquiry

Account Reconciliation

Transaction Refund

Product Advantages

Easy and Fast Payment

Just enter bank card information and verification code, no need to install Internet banking controls, carry U shield/password card and other cryptographic devices.

Cover domestic mainstream bank cards

Support debit and credit cards of major domestic banks.

Total security protection

A rigorous process and a professional risk control team to provide strong security for merchants' online transactions.

E-currency payment


Product information

E-currency payment refers to the user applying to the bank to open online banking service through the debit card or credit card that he/she has to make online payment. Banks often utilize digital certificate authentication for security factors. Payments can be done online by login into the bank's online banking and selecting the bank that issued the bank card.

Main Functions

Transaction details inquiry

Single bulk refund

Timely generation of reconciliation documents

Provide external FTP server for reconciliation file transfer

Product Advantages

Cover domestic mainstream bank cards

Support debit and credit cards of 18 major banks in China.

Fast access method

Simple and secure interface with professional and dedicated assistance for quick access.

Powerful merchant management back office

Account inquiries and transaction details for merchants to keep track of transactions.

Total security protection

A strict process and a professional risk control team to give merchants a strong security guarantee for their online transactions.

Unionpay Online Payment


Product information

Unionpay online payment. It means that users do not need to open internet banking, they only need to provide their bank card No., ID No., password, reserved Tel No., and the correct SMS verification means the payment completed. When users pay for the second time, they only need to verify the SMS verification code to complete the payment.

Product Advantages

Banks Supported

The number of supported banks is abundant, covering 20 national banks and 530 regional banks;

Easy to operate

Ease of operation, requiring only bank card information, identification information and payment by a cell phone, eliminating the need for cryptographs such as U shields.

High security

The absence of a large number of page jumps, reducing the possibility of being phished.

Easy to use

Payment can be completed with bank card without using threshold, without opening online banking, installing online banking controls, carrying U Shield or password card, etc.



Product information

Payment by code. It refers to the payment means that the merchant gets the receipt code (QR code or Bar code) after placing an order in a payment institution (WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, etc.), and the user scans the receipt code of the merchant through cell phones and other terminal devices to complete the payment process. This model is applicable to scenarios such as PC website payment, single product or order payment in physical stores, and media advertising payment.

Pay for another


Product information

Delegated payment. It refers to a business in which a merchant, to realize payment to a customer's designated bank card, takes the initiative to send payment instructions to Aynon according to its business needs, and Aynon deducts funds from the merchant's virtual account in Aynon according to the instructions and makes payment to the customer's account designated by the merchant on behalf of the payment.

Main Functions

Bulk Payment

Multi-channel Fund Settlement

Multiple Billing Methods

Support Self-reconciliation

Product Advantages

Banks Supported

Fast business processing and arrival, no geographical restrictions, wide coverage, support for most banks nationwide, no need to specialize in specific bank cards.

Easy debit

One sign-up and then simply submit the collection documents to SmartPay to complete the collection.

Save Costs

The system automatically processes payments, eliminating the need to queue at bank counters in the traditional way, saving time and effort and reducing labor and time costs.

Low Handling Fee

Single flat fee for large collections.

Service Agreement


1Sign Up

Establish cooperation intention

2Sign payment service agreement

Provide company documents and
sign payment service agreement

3Setup merchant account

Merchant registration and Setup merchant account

4Provide payment service

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