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Chinagpay card platform


Product introduction

Chinagpay card platform:also known as prepaid card management platform, gift card system platform, consumption card system platform, integral card system platform and membership card system platform. Integrating terminal access, transaction processing, transaction clearing and merchant customer service, it provides high-quality support for all card issuers.

Major function

Merchant personalized customization

The prepaid card business model is complete and rich

Flexible control of transaction processing

Support multiple access modes

Multiple clearing methods

Perfect risk control

User usage scenario

Enterprise users

Customize and issue enterprise cards according to business needs, and carry out independent member management system.

Individual user

You can actually query the balance and transaction details through your personal website, and you can make online payment and offline consumption.
Applicable business scene

Online transaction (payment of mobile phone fee, shopping, etc.)

Mobile phone, fixed line recharge, gas, electricity payment, Zhihui mall, cooperative merchants

Offline transactions (shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.)

Consumption by special merchants.

Product advantages
The system platform has the goal of high scalability, high stability, high reliability, high security and high ease of use. It is completely based on the security and stability level of the national financial system. It is a system that can truly operate reliably for 24 * 7 days.

Prepaid card customization integration platform


Product introduction

All in one card system} generally includes access control subsystem, attendance subsystem, canteen charging subsystem, parking lot subsystem, etc. Design for different applications, post management, maintenance and upgrading are efficient and controllable, and different all-in-one card application functions can be designed for different application scenarios of customers. Meet the needs of all kinds of all-in-one cards, including community all-in-one card, park all-in-one card, enterprise all-in-one card and so on.

major function

Reliability and stability






User usage scenario

Park all in one card

According to business needs, there is integrated management of access control system, catering charging, parking lot and other systems.

Enterprise all in one card

According to the needs of the company, there are perfect management of access control system, attendance system and so on.
Applicable business scenarios

Access control system

Project Title

Catering charging system

Project Title

Time Attendance System

Project Title

Parking system

Project Title
Product advantages
It can be flexibly configured according to the actual situation of users to meet the personalized needs of enterprises, so that enterprise management can truly achieve "one card in hand, no worry about management", and provide a comprehensive solution for all functional departments of enterprises to realize intelligent management.